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Hi I'm Isabelle

Hi, my name is Isabelle, nice to meet you!

I am a certified yoga teacher and have been teaching full-time since 2018, but I started practicing meditation & yoga in 2013. For me, yoga goes much further than the poses. It’s a way of living that has helped me overcome anxiety, physical ailments and increased my overall immunity.

My classes work on the physical, emotional and intellectual levels.

After studying with world-renowned yoga teachers and travelling to India several times, I had reached deep levels of realisation. From there, I came in contact with the practice of Authentic Relating, which is like the yoga of communication.

After transforming my inner world and working with hundreds of students, teaching them these practices, I noticed my intuitive capacities for healing and guiding people growing.

I have a natural gift for bringing people back into alignment with their truth and talents. I share the esoteric healing methods of Astrology & Tarot, in a way that helps people get insight into their subconscious emotions, patterns and feelings. After my sessions, people feel relieved, inspired and motivated to follow their passion.
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What my wonderful students say

  • Isabelle is een integere, wijze jonge vrouw die haar passie met een zekere gerichtheid weet te delen. Ze geeft vaak het 'waarom' van de dingen mee en besteedt voldoende aandacht aan de filosofie van yoga. Haar lessen blijven verrassen en zijn enorm afwisselend met voldoende aandacht voor beginners.

    Lies V. Volgde de 21 Day Kickstart To A Home Yoga Practice online training
  • Isabelle is super knowledgeable and I learned SO much from her. Even more unexpected but maybe one of the best parts about this program was the inner journey I made, through exercises, journaling and actively making space for yoga, meditation and reflection in my life.

    Hannelore A. Volgde de 21 Day Kickstart To a Home Yoga Practice Online Training
  • Nog eens bedankt voor de yoga! Het was zeer ontspannend en ook fijn dat je wat uitleg gaf en zowel aan het begin als het einde polste naar de gevoelens/reacties van de deelnemers.

    Huis Van Het Kind Antwerpen Boekte Isabelle voor een yogales voor vrouwen
  • Isabelle has a true gift in sharing her passion with others. She is authentic and knowledgeable, and practices what she preaches. Her dedication shines through, and it's infectious.

    Saskia B. Yoga Teacher



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