Discover your authentic blueprint and life purpose with Human Design.

I only need your birth date, exact time (check with your mom 😉 ) and location and I’ll be able to tell you:

  • What life lessons you need to learn this lifetime
  • What your life purpose is
  • What role you are here to play on this planet
  • How to uncover your hidden talents and abilities
  • What kind of work you should do that makes you and the world happy!
  • How to make decisions that are ALWAYS aligned with the truth of your being

This reading will help you get back on your path, will inspire you to take aligned action and give the world the gift of your unique talents. 

Because we need more people in the world who are shining their light and living their life purpose!

Basic 60 minute reading (audio recording possible): €75
Full 90 minute reading + PDF with chart: €175

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