21 Day Kickstart To a Home Yoga Practice

21 days, 7 exercises, 3 essential yoga flows and guided meditations, online yoga philosophy workshops and Q&A sessions with Isabelle Yoga


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Learn how to set up a home yoga practice and become an inspired yogi!


Waking up in the morning and flowing into your yoga practice

Doing yoga in a way that gives you a peaceful mind and the deepness in your spiritual practice that you seek

Simply rolling out your mat, closing your eyes, tuning into your body and intuitively knowing how to move your body

Practicing yoga that works on all layers of your being, not only on the physical, but also on the emotional, spiritual and mental level.

You want to practice yoga at home but:

▼ You can’t seem to find time in your busy schedule to practice

▼ You don’t know what to do on the mat

▼ You don’t understand yoga philosophy

▼ You’ve done yoga before, but it’s been so long since you’ve been on the mat and now you’re discouraged

▼ You don’t have the perfect space

▼ You can’t find the peace and motivation to get into the flow of yoga

▼ Beginner classes are too easy for you, but advanced classes are too hard.


◆  Overcome the fear of starting a yoga practice because you think you’re not flexible enough

◆  Develop a yoga habit that finally sticks

◆  Learn yoga philosophy like the 8 limbs of yoga and Patanjali’s yoga sutras and apply it to your life

What you will find in this program are the yoga techniques, philosophy and practices I have found most powerful to kickstart your home yoga practice.

It’s a step by step program that will guide you, inspire you and give you valuable insights that will make you

• Realise why you were unable to do yoga before

• Explain how you can fit yoga into your daily routine in a way that will

• Support your goal of become a beautiful, confident, grounded and balanced

You see all those amazing yogis, doing their practice and getting closer to themselves, and your heart is yearning for the same. You also want to be able to sit with yourself, explore your body and calm down your mind through yoga.

  • You want to be able to flow through a sequence without thinking.
  • You are tired of not believing in yourself that you can do yoga on your own.
  • You want to make your body stronger in a way that is respectful and mindful of your body.
  • You’re done with pressuring and pushing yourself to do a workout that you don’t like because you don’t like the way you look

Welcome to the 21 day kickstart to a home yoga practice

Join this program and learn:

▶︎  Essential yoga philosophy like the 8 limbs of Yoga and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

▶︎  Essential yoga: different sun salutations, personal feedback on your asana practice

▶︎  Inspiring meditations and breathing exercises

▶︎  7 exercises to remove the limiting beliefs and blocks that are holding you back from setting up a yoga practice.

Isabelle Yoga Yama Namaste

We need you to become the most authentic, radiant version of yourself. We need you to be able to act from a centred and grounded space. The world is waiting for you to stop putting everyone else’s needs first and take care of yourself.

In an airplane the flight attendant will tell you to first put on your own mask if the cabin loses pressure before helping others. It’s the same in life. You need to take care of yourself through yoga so you can be able to help others.

Now is the time to listen to that voice, that’s been asking you for so long to take some time for yourself and set up that home yoga practice.

21 day kickstart to a home yoga practice

How does it work?

  1. You sign up by buying the product
  2. You receive a welcome email with the calendar, access to the Facebook Group
  3. When you sign up, please fill in the Google Form with all your personal health information so we can practice safely together!
  4. You get access to the Facebook Group with all the files & Teachings
  5. After doing the exercise, you can share your insights in the facebook group and I will give you feedback on your work.

Here’s what you’ll get

✔︎  3 Essential Yoga Sequences

  1. Creating Space
  2. Mandala Earth Flow
  3. Embracing the Water Element

✔︎  1 worksheet calendar

✔︎  7  exercises

  1. Creating Space
  2. The Should List
  3. Growing Through Journalling
  4. Proud Practice Journal
  5. Rewrite Your Story
  6. How To Stay On The Mat
  7. Finding Your Inner Teacher

✔︎  7 live workshops

  1. Roots & History of Yoga
  2. Yama & Niyama
  3. Asana
  4. Pranayama
  5. Pratyahara, dharana, dhyana & Samadhi
  6. Kleshas & Positive Affirmations
  7. Chakras & Nadis
  8. BONUS: Tuning Into Your Natural Cycles

✔︎ Access to a private community of inspiring yogis from all around the world

✔︎  Guided healing meditations

  1. 15 min Daily Vipassana-Style Guided Meditation
  2. Third-Eye Opening Meditation
  3. Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation & Inner Peace

Isabelle’s mission

My mission is to inspire you to do yoga that goes beyond the physical. To use yoga as a tool to become your best version, to come home within yourself and to remove the layers of limiting beliefs that have built up throughout the years. I truly believe that a yoga practice is the best method to support you on your journey to becoming the most authentic version of yourself. 

About Isabelle

Isabelle is a fulltime vinyasa ashtanga yoga teacher, authentic relating facilitator, intuitive healer and obsessed with spiritual practices. She organises trainings, workshops and retreats all over the world, to teach authentic yoga philosophy that the world has lost touch with.

You can also make yoga a part of your daily life. You are worthy. You are amazing. Now is your time to shine!

So, let’s do this!

Are you ready to kickstart this journey to a home yoga practice?

In a way that feels supportive, intuitive and positive?

Join us for the 21 Day Kickstart to A Home Yoga Practice Program


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