Are you ready to live on purpose?

Discover who you are through Astrology & Journalling

Uncover what is holding you back from living your life purpose and break through the blockages with personal guidance from Isabelle

Live intentionally with daily practices to support your life purpose

What’s included in the 4-Week Journey

  1. Astrology birth chart reading focused on your life mission
  2. 4 x 60 minute 1 on 1 session with Isabelle
  3. Personalised journalling exercises to release limiting beliefs and remove blocks that are holding you back from living your purpose
  4. Email support to answer your questions

What are you going to do after the lockdown? Back to your old ways that weren’t satisfying you creatively whatsoever? No, there’s a reason why you are here on this planet.

It’s your job to discover what your gifts are and to overcome to the challenges that come with them. 



  • You feel stuck in life
  • You are not sure what steps to take next regarding business, life or relationships
  • You want to learn practical tools like journalling that will accelerate your growth 300%
  • You want to know what you need to release from your past lives and what you need to embrace in this lifetime
  • You know at what time you were born (we need the exact time for the best results 🙂 )

Then YES it’s definitely MADE FOR YOU!!

What are you waiting for? There is amazing and powerful knowledge about your authentic blueprint out there, and this information will unlock your dormant potential, that we all have inside of us. 

By the end of the 4 week journey you will:

  • Have clarity about your unique gifts to the world
  • You will know how to make decisions aligned with your truth
  • Have removed the biggest blocks that were holding you back from sharing these gifts with the world
  • You will know what things in life to let go of and how you can release them
  • Have found your passion for life again
  • Live a life aligned with your true calling
  • Have practical tools that you can apply when you feel lost again

Why am I offering this service?

For years, people have coming to me for guidance. I have a unique ability to get to the heart of the matter, through the chaos of your mind & bring your life back into harmony. My dreams is to bring as many people as possible into alignment again, because just imagine a world where everyone is doing what makes them happy and gives them energy! I have seen over and over the power of the tools of Astrology, Human Design, journalling and authentic relating. The world is on hold right now, to give you to the time to step into your power and live your life RADICALLY different than before. Let’s go!

What My Wonderful Clients Say:

"I followed a 4 weeks coaching with Isabelle where I learned to dig deep inside myself through meditation, journaling, and breathing excercises (pranamaya). Since then, I have been able to integrate mindfulness in my daily life and pursue an investigation towards my authenticity. This coaching suits everyone who seeks to challenge him/herself in order to explore his/her true identity. I also had the opportunity to follow a personal yoga class led by Isabelle. This was exactly what I needed to strengthen my daily meditation routine with breathing and yoga preparation.”
Compliance Manager, Banking Industry
"Ik kijk met warme gevoelens terug naar onze samenwerking. Ik vond het zeer bijzonder om aan mezelf te kunnen werken onder jouw begeleiding. Enorm bedankt voor je waardevolle inzichten tijdens dit traject! Je hebt een paar deuren geopend die ik zorgvuldig dicht probeerde te houden, maar het was tijd om ze te openen en de kamers van hun laag stof te ontdoen. (..) Persoonlijk voel ik me dankzij het traject wel enorm gesterkt in wie ik ben, mijn waarden en zelfliefde. Dingen die heel belangrijk zijn voor mij en me nauw aan het hart liggen!”
Volgde het 4-Weken traject

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    "Ik heb de afgelopen maanden nog regelmatig de Astrologie erbij genomen en het geeft me elke keer weer positieve moed om te doen wat ik graag wil doen. Vooral de schrijfoefeningen rond de band met mijn moeder heeft me veel inzichten gegeven en heeft de band ook veranderd. Op een goede manier, voor ons beiden eigenlijk. Zoals ik tijdens de begeleiding al heb gezegd, hebben de gesprekken met jou mij veel nieuwe inzichten gegeven. Je hebt me op bepaalde punten toch anders naar het leven doen kijken (ik heb het ‘licht’ gezien) (..) Voor mij persoonlijk is het coachingstraject dat ik met jou gevolgd heb de beste investering geweest die ik dit jaar heb gedaan!”
    Fitness sector